Using Facebook for Greater Church Involvement

Facebook can be an incredible tool for greater church involvement. We planted a church and had NO money. We wanted to advertise… we wanted to buy one of those fancy church management programs… we wanted to let people know about what we were doing, but we were poor. We had NO cash and everything was done on a shoestring budget. Then, we heard about Facebook and our life was never the same again. Come learn some simple tips that can radically change the way that you look at social media and ministry.

Presenter: Greg Hintz
Greg (GP) Hintz is a Senior Pastor, church planter, speaker and author. He began church work in Northeast Ohio and is currently located in Wickenburg, Arizona outside of Phoenix. He is the pastor of a growing congregation called “THE PLACE Church”.

In addition to his pastoral responsibilities, Greg has worked hard to help people wherever they may be. He has been actively involved in mission work in Brazil, Mexico, Jamaica, Africa and even New Orleans. He is also the author of 3 books which range on subject matter, but all center on helping people develop to be used by God at a greater level.

His first book, “THE BEST: a life manifesto” is centered on taking every area of your life and reaching the next level. From your mind to your emotional health to your biceps, every area is addressed and transformed. Next, he wrote “Facebook Jesus: How to Use Facebook to Build and Grow a Church”. This book explains how you can use Facebook for free advertising, church organization and to build great synergy amongst your congregation. Finally, he wrote “Porn Again: Breaking the Death Grip of Pornography” with recovered sex addict and therapist Greg Struve. This book is written through the perspective of a pastor and a therapist. They go back and forth in each chapter and provide the reader with an incredibly compelling narrative that helps people find freedom from pornography.

Greg has four wonderful children and a beautiful wife. His kids range in age from 17 to 2. Together, they work hard to make a difference in their community.