How Congregations Can Engage in Their Health

This workshop will focus on how congregatons can:

  1. Find and engage local health professionals, and
  2. Locate resources on their own for the purpose of strengthening their stewardship of their bodies and giving God their best.

How do you actually DO the exercise and better diet for the long haul? In addition, Karen Sue will give a taste of some of the workshops led around the country including, "An Exercise Lifestyle that FITs into Your Lifestyle," "P.L.A.N. to Prevent Yo-Yo Dieting," and more!

Presenter: Karen Sue Murdy
Karen Sue Hinz Murdy, Wheat Ridge Ambassador and clinical certified exercise physiologist, attended Concordia University in Ann Arbor and Central Michigan University. For many years she has assisted weight loss patients through education and exercise assessments. As a speaker and a bible study leader, she loves to encourage and equip people in their faith walk with God. Find out more at