e3 = Elevate ▪ Employee ▪ Engagement

We are on a quest to make the greatest impact for God’s Kingdom. People are following us, counting on our leadership. It will take a fully engaged team to accomplish audacious goals. Elevate employee/volunteer engagement is the key strategy to a high performing team.

  • e3 offers the tools to elevate your team’s overall performance.
  • e3 will allow your team members to realize their God-given strengths.
  • e3 champions loving and serving our neighbor.

Presenter: Mike Hinckfoot
Mike is passionate about leadership development, equipping managers, and helping others discover their full God given potential. He served as the VP of Strategy for 12 years at Compassion International. Today, Mike is joyfully serving as the Executive Director of Ministries at St. Peter’s, Columbus, IN. Mike’s Strengths: Achiever – Positivity – Arranger – Maximizer – WOO