Visual Arts Leading the Way. A Primer for Engaging Artists in Beautiful Gospel Outreach (and In-reach).

This workshop will explore the shift in what our worship spaces must communicate to a society increasingly individualistic and isolated. We must move our spaces beyond the use of prescriptive art and architecture, and instead into an arena that takes full advantage of the intellectual and emotional impact of the visual arts.

This workshop will investigate and answer how the art and architecture of worship spaces can effectively reach people where they are without compromising the timeless truth of God’s Word.

Presenter: Paul Mattek
Paul Mattek is the founder and creative director at Design Fugitives, an award winning Milwaukee-based art studio specializing in the creation of cutting-edge large-scale art installations. Among his other work, Paul has led his team on ecclesiastic commissions ranging from small sanctuary art furnishings to comprehensive design-build projects. Paul has his Masters in Architecture from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and has taught art and architecture courses at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and Wisconsin Lutheran College. Prior to pursuing his career in the arts, Paul studied for the pastoral ministry at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN and Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.  Paul uses this unique combination of gifts and schooling to push the boundaries of how bible-based ecclesiastic art communicates to contemporary souls.