Excited, Engaged, and Empowered Volunteers

Vibrant church ministries cannot run without the hard work and dedication of many, many volunteers. Unfortunately, recruiting can often be a tiresome challenge that leaves leaders feeling a little desperate. As a result, we are tempted call once again upon that volunteer who won’t say no, regardless of the fit of the position. To make things even more challenging, this new generation has a whole new view on volunteerism. Perhaps, it is time for a change. This session will explore what volunteers want, how to recruit them, and how to empower them for ministry in a way that leaves them feeling fulfilled and purposeful. You will be challenged to turn your approach to volunteerism on end. Come learn about a new approach that will not only help you find the best volunteers for the job but will also connect your newer members within the ministry. 

Presenter: Michelle Leahy
Michelle Leahy is the Director of Family Ministries for St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Within this role, Michelle is responsible for new member assimilation as well as volunteer recruiting, training, and management.