Run Hard. Rest Well.

We know to run hard, but do we know how to rest well?  Designed by God, a "life of rhythm" is restorative and life-giving, yet completely neglected by believers today.  The price tag is steep.  Learning how to rest well reacquaints us with the peace and quiet our souls have tried to live without.  Choosing to realign our lives to the motto "Run Hard. Rest Well." prepares us (and those we influence) to advance into the world with a power not our own.

Presenter: Brenda Jank
Brenda Jank is a catalyst for personal and organizational change.  High energy and story driven, Brenda equips leaders to explore biblical rhythms of work and rest that alter the trajectory of hearts, homes, churches and nonprofits.  Founder of Run Hard. Rest Well., she speaks from coast to coast and has written for Leadership Journal, Focus on the Family, Discipleship Journal and multiple Christianity Today publications.  Brenda graduated from Concordia-Nebraska in the Director of Christian Education program in 1990.  Outnumbered and outwitted, Brenda and her husband, Tim, lay claim to five of the finest, feistiest children ever assembled under one roof.  They live in northeast Indiana where Tim has been the Executive Director of Camp Lutherhaven for 23 years.