Pray? Who Me? Practical Methods for Teaching the Most Resistant Prayer-ers to Pray Out Loud

Yes, you can pray out loud without having a heart attack. Yes, you can teach even the most resistant prayer-er to pray out loud. In this session, we’ll discuss a variety of practical, tried and true methods of teaching your family, your youth, your small group, your Bible study group - ANYONE -  to pray out loud.

Presenter: Gretchen Huesman
Gretchen Huesmann is a former lost sheep, rescued in her teens by the Good Shepherd. Since then she has been led to a variety of green pastures, which have included teaching women’s Bible studies, planning and leading women’s events, speaking for women’s retreats, teaching four-year-old preschool in private and public settings, and her newest passion, blogging. Gretchen and her husband have 4 terrific kids. Her free time activities depend solely on Wisconsin weather – walking, biking and gardening in the summer, and reading and writing during the months of eternal winter.