Missions in a New Millennium

Sixteen years into the “new” millennium and yet far too many churches are still pursuing missions as if it’s still 1950. We have learned so much about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to missions locally, nationally and internationally yet the church is slow to embrace this new reality. Get involved in a lively discussion on how your church can accelerate your missional transition.

ServLife International is involved in planting churches, caring for children and fighting poverty in India and Nepal. Working with indigenous partners to accomplish all their goals ServLife is on the leading edge of the change in mission strategy. Learn what churches across denominations are doing to make their missions work as effective as possible.

Presenter: Tim Kurth
Tim Kurth is currently Assistant Director at ServLife International based in Indianapolis. ServLife plants churches, cares for children and fights poverty in India and Nepal. Tim began his career as a Lutheran grade school teacher then transitioned to work as a DCE in two Chicago area congregations over the course of twenty years. In addition to his 30 years as a commissioned minister in the LCMS, Tim worked for Group Cares in Loveland, CO pioneering their Lifetree Adventures international mission trips. He has led mission teams to over a dozen states and five continents. He and his wife Elizabeth celebrated 35 years of marriage this year. They have two married children and two wonderful grandchildren (he has pictures).