Four Marks of an Authentic Disciple: A First-Century Approach

What did discipleship look like in the first-century Galilean world?  What did Jesus and other leading rabbis of his day expect from their students and followers?   How can this first-century understanding impact and energize our current approaches and understandings of being disciples?  After all, you cannot make a disciple until you are first a disciple yourself.  This presentation will cover four over-arching areas with which every follower of Jesus should be familiar and practicing. 

Presenter: Chad Foster
Dr. Chad Yeshayahu Foster is a pastor and Director of Life Community at St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Columbus, IN.  In addition to being an ordained Lutheran minister, Dr. Foster is also an ordained Jewish rabbi.  Having trained in not only seminaries and traditional western schools, but also his studies in Yeshiva (including Yeshivat Kol HaTor and the Azamra Institute in Jerusalem) provide Dr. Foster with a unique perspective to being a Jesus follower.