Developing & Implementing a Child Protection Program

Risk management?  Legal liability?  How about just keeping our children safe!  Many congregations are hesitant to develop a comprehensive plan for their ministry to children because of cost, time, or how they think the members will perceive it.  A Child Protection Program is the right thing to do for many reasons.  Come hear why your church should develop such a program and how to implement it!

Presenter: George Denholm
George Denholm is the Director of LIFE|Equip at St. Peter’s in Columbus, IN.  In his 32 years of ministry, he has served as a high school teacher, a youthworker, and a Director of Christian Education.  His team developed a Child Protection Program for St. Peter’s in cooperation with the local branch of the Department of Child Services over 15 years ago.  He has shared this program with many churches and organizations across the US.