The Faith Sharing Compass: Transforming Your Faith Sharing Conversations!

You’ve been praying for your neighbor, over time, your friendship grows. Now what? How do you start a faith-sharing conversation?  Do you know where you are headed?  How can you transition the conversation into deeper levels? In this session, you will learn to navigate four simple stages in a faith-sharing conversation with compassion, conviction and confidence.

Presenter: Bruce Sutherland
Bruce Sutherland is an evangelist, LHM staff member and congregational lay leader. He has trained hundreds of lay people and church workers in witnessing to their faith and regularly leads evangelism teams into public places to tell others about Jesus. In addition to sharing the Gospel, he is interested in assisting lay leadership team in their outreach efforts.  At LHM he is responsible for communicating its outreach ministry resources and programs to congregations and professional church workers.