The Five C's of a Healthy Family

Over the years Eric has developed what it takes to be a healthy family and gave them all C words. Mostly Healthy Families has to do with parenting styles, development, communication, and mentoring. Healthy Families has been developed from research from Search Institute, Homeward, and Sticky Faith. It is put into a seminar that can be taught by local church workers to their families at their congregation.

Presenter: Eric Steinke
Eric was called to St. John's as their Family Life/Youth Minister in 2013. Eric is a Michigan man, born in Big Rapids, raised in Grand Haven, attended school at Concordia University in Ann Arbor, then received a Social Science degree from Eastern Michigan University. Later, he received his Director of Christian Education certification as a Called Minister of Religion from Concordia University in St. Paul, MN. As a DCE, Eric has served at Crown of Life in Rochester Hills, Good Shepherd in Saginaw, and St. Peter's in Columbus, IN, with a heart for ministering to youth, seeking the lost, and serving those in need. Happily married in 2004 to his beautiful wife Kara, they have two kids: Grace, born in 2005 and Noah, born in 2008. "Pointing to Jesus," St. John's mission, is what Eric thinks is the best part about the community of believers here - that we are all simply called to reflect Jesus’ love for us each and every day, that our own lives should always be pointing to Jesus, and that we should always be pointing others to Jesus. Colossians 3:15-17 is an inspiration to him. Eric enjoys getting lost in movies, playing golf, spending time with friends & family, listening to Christian music, avoiding listening to country music, and grew up collecting comic books (Wolverine is his favorite character).