Teaching Teens: Interesting + Meaningful = Effective

It's not what you teach, but how you teach that makes the greatest impact. In this session you will learn how to get students to interact in a meaningful way with what you're teaching; the most important thing they'll ever learn. How do you use your class time wisely? How do you get them to think? What is interesting and meaningful to a 13 to 17 year old teenager?

Presenter: Laura Langhoff 
Laura Langhoff Arndt is the woman behind The Carpenter's Ministry Toolbox, a Christian education resource ministry whose goal is to apply current educational research and strategies to parish education. She dreams of equipping and encouraging pastors, other professional church workers, and volunteers to effectively and meaningfully educate God's children from preschool through adult. Laura is a professional educator with an M.A. in Classroom Instruction, administrative leadership experience, and holds Director of Christian Education (DCE) certification in the LCMS. She is the author of The Art of Teaching Confirmation and Bible reading workbooks for middle and high school. She lives in Rochester, MN with her husband, Kevin, and the last 2 of 8 stepchildren who haven't yet flown the coop, and enjoys painting watercolors and riding her bike.