Simple As That. The Ins-and-Outs of Student Ministry.

Student ministry is easier than you think. You will come to find out that the basics of it really come down to things simple and minute. There’s a generation at our doorstep in need of Jesus. Come and find out some ways of connecting them to Him!

Presenter: Tyler Schlitzkus
Tyler L. Schlitzkus has served as the Director of Youth and Young Families through Our Savior Lutheran Church in Gladwin, Michigan since November 2012. A 2012 graduate of Concordia University - Ann Arbor, Tyler works extensively with students of all ages while centered around one goal: connecting them to Jesus. He has presented at the national Beautiful Feet Conference, DCE cluster retreats, and has partnered with larger missions, such as Compassion International and Life! Promotions. As someone who sees ministry able to be done in many different contexts, Schlitzkus challenges students to live-out their faith each and every day. Husband to Adrienne, Tyler is an expectant father (11/18/2016), a convicted sinner redeemed by the Jesus, and loves everything having to do with Michigan State University athletics.