A Congregational Prayer App

iPrayU is a free prayer app which your members can use to enter prayer requests for themselves, visitors or the community.  When a prayer is entered in your app, the Pastor and Prayer Coordinator automatically get an email with the information; your church’s prayer database is also automatically updated, so your members can pray with the most current information.  iPrayU is about more than information; it is about discipleship.  Your members can choose for themselves which prayers they want to care for and then they can enter care notes for the prayers they choose.  Technology is leveraged to better inform the church of what is being done to care for members, visitors and the community.  iPrayU is an excellent resource for Sun AM Bible class- share precisely what prayers you have and who is helping.  iPrayU is an outreach tool- invite non-members to download iPrayU and enter their prayer requests in your church’s prayer database.  iPrayU helps your members to be the church wherever they go; with iPrayU they can enter strangers prayer requests into a nearby church’s prayer database- helping that local church and that person in need connect with each other.  iPrayU is also accessible through the web- www.iPrayU.org for your members without smart phones.  By God’s grace Jim Buckman developed this app for you; come and learn.

Presenter: Jim Buckman  

Pr. Jim Buckman is a network supported missionary called through the NJ District.  Jim and his wife Cathy have five children- Jacob, Jim, Sarah, John and Grace.  By God’s grace, Jim has helped two LCMS churches plant and prosper prior to his present call.  Jim’s passion in ministry is prayer and planting.  Jim wrote “iPray” a book with 100+ practical ways that prayer can help your church’s ministry and last year, Jim developed iPrayU the prayer app for your congregation to enter prayer requests, turn prayer into care, gain insight into God’s development of your ministry, disciple your members in prayer and care, plant new ministry and bless people anywhere you go with prayer that connects them to local Christians committed to being a house of prayer for all the nations.  Jim is also an Air Force Chaplain and was selected as the 2015 Chaplain of the Year for the Air National Guard.  260+ LCMS churches are using iPrayU; to God be the glory.