Sustaining Small Steps

This workshop will describe a pilot project that uses either monthly Circuit meetings or regular Church/School staff meetings as a way to provide gentle, ongoing support for improved church worker health. It will describe the year long project that includes: a beginning workshop/in-service that gives practical resources on what makes the biggest difference in health; how the brain forms habits (think: ruts) and how to change old habits and form new ones; and what the ongoing support will be throughout the year to provide the best chance for success in each individual's health journey.  

Presenter: Mark Scoepp
Mark Schoepp served the church as a Director of Christian Education for more than 30 years in four congregations.  Mark and his wife, Becky, also toured for 20 years as Fitz Family Ministries, a unique family ministry and entertainment/juggling troupe. For the past six years he has worked for  Wheat Ridge Ministries as full time Director Of Congregation Engagement. Mark now works freelance under the theme: "Realign to the Design - Healthy Leaders, Healthy Congregations, Healthy Communities” with an emphasis on church worker/church leader health through gentle support groups and stronger nutrition.

Since 1994, Mark has been following the developments in the field of brain research and education, with a special interest in brain health and its application to the church, the church school and the home.