Making Your Best Gifts Through “The Lifetime Plan for Giving”

At our baptisms, we were re-created in God’s image.  As God is a generous God, we are to be generous people.  We want to respond in love to God’s grace by making the very best gifts to the family we love and the ministries we care about.  But how do we do that?  Where do we get started?  By completing your own “Lifetime Plan for Giving.”  It’s part of one’s Christian stewardship.  In this session, learn what the “Lifetime Plan for Giving” is and the process that is involved to complete it.  God is not haphazard in how He blesses us – we should not be haphazard either in how we pass on the blessings that God has given us to manage in order to bless our heirs and the Lord’s work when we are called to heaven.

Presenters: Allen Helms & Phil Krupski (LCMS Foundation) 
Allen Helms is the Senior Vice President – Gift Planning Services for the LCMS Foundation, a position he’s held since September 2012.  In that role, he has responsibility for assisting seventeen Gift Planning Counselors deployed across the country in their work of helping Lutheran Christian stewards make the very best gifts to family and ministries when God calls them to heaven.  After beginning his career as a Lutheran elementary school teacher, Allen spent 25 years as a Certified Public Accountant in financial management and accounting in Memphis, Tennessee. In 2002, he began service as the Executive Assistant to the Mid-South District President (LCMS), also based in Memphis, until he came to the Foundation.

Rev. Phil Krupski is a Gift Planning Counselor with the LCMS Foundation deployed to the Indiana District.  Phil works with individual Lutheran Christians to help them discover the plan for generosity that God has placed in their hearts to transfer the blessings He has given them to the family they love and the ministries they care about when they are called to heaven.  Additionally, he works with congregations and schools to establish or strengthen ministry endowment funds, providing confidence to those same faithful Christian stewards as they are led to leave significant financial gifts to ministry.  Phil is available to all the ministries of the Indiana District.