Family Time

God commands the family to pass the faith onto the next generation, but this task can be overwhelming and daunting for many parents.  Family Time is a tool that can help solve that is a FUN AND EASY way for parents (and grandparents) to share their faith with their children in the home.  The beauty of Family Time is that it is simple, connects well with kids, teaches Biblical truths and principles, and helps the family grow closer together spiritually.  Please join Michele as she uses humor, personal stories, and activity demonstrations to show you what Family Time is all about!

Presenter: Michele Stamn
Michele Stamn is a mom who has been doing Family Time with her own children for nearly ten years.  Michele and her husband Jeff have found Family Time to be a very effective way to pass their Christian faith on to their children (presently ages 12, 15, and 18).  Her passion for Family Time ignited by her positive personal experience, Michele was inspired to join the Family Time team as their Midwest Regional Trainer.