A Christian Physician’s Prescription to Combat Ministry Stress and Restore Joy and Effectiveness

The stresses of ministry can rob the joy and effectiveness of Christian living and serving.  Perhaps, you're feeling depleted and at less than your "best practices" form right now.  The grace-gifts of Scripturally-based life practices can help us bring resilience and renewed energy to our living, family life, and service, centered around time in the Word, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Dr. Eckrich uses a very accessible "Wellness Backpack" to understand and apply good health management and stewardship to our physical, emotional, financial, vocational, and spiritual wellbeing. These life-practices are the core of Grace Place Wellness Retreats for church workers.  Dr. Eckrich has just written a book, Vocation and Wellness: Renew Your Energy for Christian Living.

Presenter: John Eckrich
Dr. John Eckrich, a board certified Internist and Gastroenterologist, and life-long Lutheran,  provided medical care for hundreds of Lutheran church workers and their families for 42 years in St. Louis, including serving as campus physician for Concordia Seminary St. Louis. As he saw the effects of ministry stress on the lives and service of pastors and teachers, he began Grace Place Wellness Ministries (GPWM).
GPWM has taken nearly 9000 Lutheran church workers through preventative wellness education in the past 18 years, inspiring vibrant and joyful living and serving.