The Jewish Roots of Our Faith

What began 2,000 years ago as a very Jewish movement with Gentiles being grafted gradually shifted away from those roots. Now in the 21st century, Jews and Gentiles are seeking reconnection to their roots. This session will help inform our faith and strengthen the Biblical foundations upon which it is built.

Presenter: Steve Cohen
Steve Cohen has been a missionary among the Jewish people for the last 40 years. His front line experience has been applied within the LCMS since 1996 when he founded the RSO, The Apple of His Eye Mission Society. He has authored five books, spoken in over 1,800 congregations around North America, and has written over 150 Gospel tracts. His passion is to BOLDLY declare Y'shuaas the Messiah to Jews and Gentiles, and URGENTLY equip the church to do the same.