Taking Christ to the Cancer Community

What if church volunteers were trained to not only uplift those struggling with cancer in their church but to reach out to those struggling with cancer in their community?   In establishing the Cancer Companions ministry, Karen Tripp MS LMFT discovered that church volunteers needed to to be taught how to reach cancer families in their community.  Learn not only how to use your volunteer team to connect with the medical community and cancer resources, but discover how to turn your church members into effective referrals.

Presenter: Karen Tripp MS LMFT, President, Cancer Companions
From East Coast to West Coast, Karen Tripp has turned her gift of gab into the gift to help others in need. Whether laughing with an audience, sharing through her books, or counseling one heart at a time, Karen joins people where they are and lifts them towards hope.  As author of God is Bigger Than Your Cancer and a daughter of a colon cancer survivor, Karen brings her training as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist to her work with cancer families. Karen is also President of Cancer Companions- a ministry that trains, equips, and supports caring people to draw cancer families closer to Christ.  Karen lives in St Louis with her husband where she enjoys leading Bible studies, playing in creeks, and making sugar cookies with kids of all ages.    Karen@cancer-companions.org