Put Away the Firehose: Using Tiered Communication to Share Your Message

“Can you announce this in worship Sunday?” “I need this included in this weekend’s bulletin.” “It was in the newsletter this month. Didn’t you see it?” Sound familiar? Is your communication strategy like using a firehose to put out a candle? In other words, are you using everything you’ve got to share a message that really applies to only a section of your congregation? We will share the ever-evolving tiered-communication strategy in use at Carmel Lutheran Church, which allows us to effectively target our messages to those most likely to engage.

Presenters: Eric Nelson & Cathy Klemm
Eric Nelson has served congregations in Washington, Alaska, and Indiana as a DCE in the areas of worship, youth & family ministries, communications, and administration. He received his Master of Nonprofit Management from Regis University in Denver, CO and has consulted for congregations and nonprofit organizations in the areas of communication, governance, and strategic thinking. Eric currently serves Carmel Lutheran Church and lives with his wife, Adina, and their two young girls in Noblesville, Indiana.

Cathy Klemm is the Communications Coordinator for Carmel Lutheran Church and has been on staff there for 21 years. Prior to that, she worked in employee communications for a local hospital. Cathy received her Bachelor’s in Public and Corporate Communications from Butler University. Cathy and her husband of 25 years, Bryan, live in Indianapolis. They have two (nearly) grown daughters.