Policy Governance®, Church Council, or Traditional Board: Why Change?

You will want to attend if you are interested in learning about the differences of Policy Governance, Traditional Board governance, and the Church Council system. The presentation will discuss the differences of each system’s governing focus, the benefits of Policy Governance, and how to analyze whether or not to change the way you govern.

Presenter: Paul J. Zilz
Paul Zilz' primary calling is lovingly leading and serving his family so that they are mission-focused, theologically-astute disciples of Jesus that make a Christ-like difference in the world. Personally trained at the select Carver Policy Governance® Academy, Paul has led popular presentations at the Best Practices in Ministry Conference in Phoenix and at the Indiana District Carload Conference. His wife Peggy is a seasoned second-grade Lutheran School teacher, a Certified Strengths Consultant with Ministry Insights, and a Certified Strengths-Based Education Consultant through The Gallup Clifton Strengths Institute. Paul's consulting practice 1) helps Christian organizations and service-based not-for-profit organizations effectively implement John Carver's Policy Governance model and 2) provides strengths-based board, executive and staff coaching and consulting to advance God's Mission and transform the culture.