Mining for Gold: The Search for Women’s Bible Study Materials

Using a wide variety of resources, this session will begin to identify and define the criteria for selecting good Bible study materials.  How does one review the material? What is the purpose of the material? How do we avoid some of the pitfalls of using a wide range of resources? How do we deal with doctrinal differences?

Please be prepared to share with the group the title or a sample of a great Bible study in which you have participated. Other resources will be available for review.

Presenter: Jan Williams
Jan serves as the Director of Women’s Ministry at Carmel Lutheran Church, where she administrates and teaches Women’s Bible studies, develops and plans retreats, and helps to coordinate various women’s events and organizations. She is also the director of the Fine Arts Academy, a week long, summer day camp for students in Kindergarten through Grade 8, connecting faith, creativity, and community, with the intent and purpose of praising God.