Intro to WeRaise Crowdfunding | Funding Ministry Online

Join us for an introducton to “crowdfunding”, the process of raising support for a cause online using a platform like WeRaise. We will explain what crowdfunding is, share strategies and best practces, and walk through how to build a successful project. You’ll also learn how a WeRaise project could make your organizaton eligible for additonal funding directly from Wheat Ridge Ministries.

Presenter: Mark Schoepp
Mark Schoepp served the church as a Director of Christian Education for more than 30 years in four congregations and also toured for 20 years as Fitz Family Ministries, a unique family ministry and entertainment/juggling troupe. Mark joined Wheat Ridge Ministries as full time Director Of Congregation Engagement in July 2010. Mark works to inspire and encourage Lutherans and Lutheran Congregations to connect to their communities through intentional programs that promote health and wellness. Since 1994, Mark has been following the developments in the field of brain research and education, with a special interest in brain health and its application to the church, the church school and the home.