Every One His Witness

When Jesus said “You will be My witnesses” (Acts 1:8) He was making a statement, not a request. Each and every believer in Jesus Christ is His witness. How can we be better and more effective witnesses? This overview of LASSIE, a relational and contextual witnessing framework that can be used in everyday life, provides a great starting place for being a more faithful and joy-filled witness of Jesus.

Presenter: Rev. Mark A. Wood
Rev. Mark A. Wood is the Director of Witness & Outreach and Revitalization for the LCMS. He is a second career pastor who served as a parish pastor and church planter in the Tampa, FL area for 15 years before joining the LCMS Office of National Mission in June 2014. He and his wife, Mary Ellen, are the parents of five, grandparents of five, and the great-grandparents of one even though they aren’t old enough to cash in their 401Ks without penalties.