Clear and Simple Discipleship

Over the years, our discipling methods have increasingly substituted scholarship for actually joining Jesus on His redemptive mission. However, a discipling reformation is within our reach if we can get clear and simple on three basic questions: what is a disciple, what does a disciple do and what is the process for forming such a disciple? In this session Greg Finke will lead us through a process of simplifying and clarifying our understanding of discipling so that we can rediscover how to disciple people the way Jesus does in the Gospels.

Presenter: Rev. Greg Finke
Rev. Greg Finke is the founder and Executive Director of Dwelling 1:14 and author of the book, “Joining Jesus on His Mission.”  Dwelling 1:14 is a non-profit ministry which seeks to help congregational leaders disciple their people to join Jesus on His mission in the places they already live, work and go to school (