Believe.Be Real.Be Love – Fast Start to Life Groups

How does God most effectively spur us on to love each other and to live a life of discipleship?  By connecting us with others in Covenant Life Groups!  It has been proven time after time, in church after church, that discipleship is developed best in Covenant Life Groups.  These intentional gatherings of 2 to 6 people meeting regularly, with the common purpose of living on mission with God in covenant community and growing as disciples of Jesus.  Come hear how your church can get started right away building disciples by implementing Covenant Life Groups.

Presenter: Joel Eggerding
After graduating from the University of Illinois with a Finance degree, Joel spent 18 years working at a major bank.  In 2012 Joel had two major life changes.  First he started his own money coaching business – where he helps regular people with their money questions and issues.  Second, he started attending a covenant life group at his church -- Trinity Lutheran Church in Roselle, IL.  As he matured as a disciple in the covenant life group, Joel felt the call to join the staff of Life Spring Network in 2014.  He helps pastors and church leaders train, mentor and equip their congregations to become holistic, disciple-making communities.