Jock Ficken

Jock Ficken

Wednesday Evening: Jock Ficken

Jock and Gail Ficken lead the Pastoral Leadership Institute.  This special and unique partnership is a huge blessing to the organization.  As a ministry team, they deeply understand both the promise and the challenge that ministry offers a marriage. Jock and Gail spent 25 years pastoring and partnering to lead a Chicago-area congregation. Jock served as senior pastor while Gail served on the leadership staff, overseeing adult and small group ministries.

Thursday Evening: A SpeCial Guest

Most of us have never really been persecuted for our faith.  Our guest speaker has a powerful testimony of how her life was redirected as a devout Muslim living in the Middle East to becoming a passionate follower of Jesus.  You won't want to miss her story.

A representative from "People of the Book Lutheran Outreach" will be with us.